February update

4 missions where written up in February and now are being entered into the game and tested, tweaked and detail being added in March.


Bridge Captain January update

January has been a slow month for Bridge Captain. I have been distracted with Flag Hunt, learning in-app purchases and learning 3D for a possible 3D Steam release of Bridge Captain. On the 3D front I am using lwjgl and now working with shaders and 3D physics. But I will be putting the 3D learning on pause.

The good news is that I have found 3 film students that are now going to help me write the scripts for the missions. This will speed up the development and add more creativity to the game. I am finding the overall story pretty exciting and the mini missions pretty cool.

Bridge Captain Chirstmas progress update!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to release the content update that I wanted this month.  It turns out there is just too much that needs to be added.  And I want to organize the game in a way that is future friendly.  I have been creating a mission editor that will allow me and others to create new stories and objectives to the game.  I have also added new features to the game that will allow me to expand the story across a galaxy.  I have co-written an end to end story arch and it should be about 20 – 30 missions long.  This should make the game many hours long when its done.  I still plan on releasing the content in stages or maybe even in chapters.

Below is a list of new features I have added since November

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Added Jump gates to cross solar systems.
  • Created Cross solar system saving
  • Created a galaxy map with about 80 potential solar systems
  • Each map node can now have a different looking solar system map
  • Solar systems now have names
  • Solar system map now has co-ordinates
  • Can click on the main screen/Nav map to pick ships/planets/gates
  • Adding tabs to missions (Solar System Missions/Galaxy Missions/Bounty Missions)
  • Added tabs and descriptions for cargo items (general cargo/mission cargo/freight cargo)
  • Added the notion of Achievements
  • Achievement table that shows you what secrets you found in the game and hints to the ones you have not found.
  • Adding the notion of Factions
  • Show faction colors in menu lists and maps
  • Added a table that shows you the factions and how much they like you or not and you can click on them to read about the faction.
  • Added about 10 factions
  • Ships have good points and faction points when they are killed
  • If you kill a ship not only will you lose points for that ships faction but you can now gain points for another faction
  • Added 10 new people graphics
  • Cargo can now stack
  • The ability to show a description for both mission and non mission items. These descriptions can be used to give clues to players on how to solve puzzles in quests.
  • Created one new song
  • Can now switch the players ship to any ship
  • Can now add ships that follow the player
  • Changed the tables to have pages. Example: if there are too many cargo items then the rest go on the next page.
  • Added a status button that shows the player their ship status/XP/good and evil points etc..
  • Added scripting and saving to new features

Bridge Captain has been released on Google Play

The first version of bridge captain was released yesterday just making it within the 30 day limit!! You can download it at Google Play. Right now its Android only and is really only playable on tablets.

I have created a new video that demonstrates how use the interface now that the game is working.

I have made a couple of updates since my last post

Logging system

Smiley face

  • Logging system that displays current events on the main viewing screen
  • Logging system that can view previous events in the computer logs
  • Mission Script Editor
  • Beginning story
  • Game starts with the mission and maps open
  • Added all the music and sounds
  • Added talking scripts to ships/planets
  • Added mission scripts
  • Mission scripts can now add enemy ships to the solar system
  • Mission scripts now have if statements for making choices in talking mode

Tweaking the interface for Bridge Captain

I added some new features to Bridge Captain on the weekend.

new features

  • The tables that show the ships now reorder themselves by distance
  • When you target a ship/planet its targeted for hailing/weapons/nav/scan automatically
  • You can only hail/scan/shoot ships that are in range
  • There is now a marker on the screen showing you where your target is if the target is off the screen
  • You can’t use the weapons screen unless you are at red alert
  • The game is now has scriptable missions/solar system objects
  • Missions now have text and answerable items that leads to more text
  • You can gain/lose cargo from missions
  • You can beat the game if you run out of missions
  • The engineering power sliders are now tied to meaning full sections of the ship.
  • Planets are now viewable on screen
  • Quick target Panel allows you to scan/hail/navigate to ships/planets without the need to use the computer screens
  • Changing the alert status changes the engineering power sliders to the most effective positions