Bridge Captain has been released on Google Play

The first version of bridge captain was released yesterday just making it within the 30 day limit!! You can download it at Google Play. Right now its Android only and is really only playable on tablets.

I have created a new video that demonstrates how use the interface now that the game is working.

I have made a couple of updates since my last post

Logging system

Smiley face

  • Logging system that displays current events on the main viewing screen
  • Logging system that can view previous events in the computer logs
  • Mission Script Editor
  • Beginning story
  • Game starts with the mission and maps open
  • Added all the music and sounds
  • Added talking scripts to ships/planets
  • Added mission scripts
  • Mission scripts can now add enemy ships to the solar system
  • Mission scripts now have if statements for making choices in talking mode

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