Bridge Captain Chirstmas progress update!

Unfortunately, I have not been able to release the content update that I wanted this month.  It turns out there is just too much that needs to be added.  And I want to organize the game in a way that is future friendly.  I have been creating a mission editor that will allow me and others to create new stories and objectives to the game.  I have also added new features to the game that will allow me to expand the story across a galaxy.  I have co-written an end to end story arch and it should be about 20 – 30 missions long.  This should make the game many hours long when its done.  I still plan on releasing the content in stages or maybe even in chapters.

Below is a list of new features I have added since November

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Added Jump gates to cross solar systems.
  • Created Cross solar system saving
  • Created a galaxy map with about 80 potential solar systems
  • Each map node can now have a different looking solar system map
  • Solar systems now have names
  • Solar system map now has co-ordinates
  • Can click on the main screen/Nav map to pick ships/planets/gates
  • Adding tabs to missions (Solar System Missions/Galaxy Missions/Bounty Missions)
  • Added tabs and descriptions for cargo items (general cargo/mission cargo/freight cargo)
  • Added the notion of Achievements
  • Achievement table that shows you what secrets you found in the game and hints to the ones you have not found.
  • Adding the notion of Factions
  • Show faction colors in menu lists and maps
  • Added a table that shows you the factions and how much they like you or not and you can click on them to read about the faction.
  • Added about 10 factions
  • Ships have good points and faction points when they are killed
  • If you kill a ship not only will you lose points for that ships faction but you can now gain points for another faction
  • Added 10 new people graphics
  • Cargo can now stack
  • The ability to show a description for both mission and non mission items. These descriptions can be used to give clues to players on how to solve puzzles in quests.
  • Created one new song
  • Can now switch the players ship to any ship
  • Can now add ships that follow the player
  • Changed the tables to have pages. Example: if there are too many cargo items then the rest go on the next page.
  • Added a status button that shows the player their ship status/XP/good and evil points etc..
  • Added scripting and saving to new features

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